Institutional Services

As fiduciary obligations evolve, institutional investors need clear, unbiased advice from experienced fiduciary partners. Serving as a fiduciary partner for 20+ years, we have developed the specialized resources and expertise to guide institutional investors toward informed decisions.

Fiduciary Advisory Services

  • Online Documentation of the Fiduciary Process
  • Real-Time Access to Industry Research
  • Electronic Repository of Key Plan Documents

CAPTRUST advises institutional investors on sound fiduciary practices. We take the time to educate fiduciaries on their responsibilities and help them put in place best practices to help fiduciaries successfully manage the list of ever-evolving obligations.

CAPTRUST Direct is an online fiduciary management tool specifically designed to assist Plan Sponsors in the administration of their responsibilities. The CAPTRUST Direct web portal stores vital investment and/or plan information in one easily accessible and secure location, enabling clients to review service activity and access plan documents in real time.

Investment Advisory Services

  • Plan-Level Advice
  • Investment Menu Development
  • Ongoing Investment Due Diligence

Our in-house analyst team utilizes a proprietary scoring system to benchmark investment managers; and our disciplined approach to investment manager search, selection and monitoring ensures sound fiduciary practices are followed. We will document the process and negotiate with vendors to improve the investment options and cost structures.

Provider Analysis

  • Vendor Analysis, Benchmarking, & Scoring
  • Plan Administration & Investment Cost Comparison
  • Overall Recommendation & Ongoing Due Diligence

With heightened awareness, transparency of fees is an important factor. Institutional Investors should have a clear understanding who is being paid, what services are being offered, the associated fees, and whether these fees represent reasonable pricing in light of the level and quality of the services delivered.

Nonqualified Advisory Services

  • Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
  • Life Insurance Portfolio Optimization
  • A Professional Strategy for After-Tax, Nonqualified plans

As you contemplate how best to help your highly compensated employees bridge an ever-widening retirement gap, we hope you consider a partner who understands how to integrate and align your qualified and nonqualified retirement plans together with independent advice, objectivity and complete cost transparency.

Executive Financial Planning

  • Annual Financial Review
  • Allocation & Investment Recommendations
  • Continuous Goal Monitoring & Evaluation

CAPTRUST provides company executives a comprehensive review of their overall financial affairs including their estate plan. We provide coordination across both retirement plan investments and outside accounts and, where appropriate, work to implement the recommendations with other key advisors. If you have other needs, questions, or perhaps just want to know what is involved in being a retirement plan fiduciary, we can help. The CAPTRUST team has spent almost 20 years educating plan fiduciaries and are passionate about improving retirement plans so more employees can retire in comfort.

Participant Education and Advice

  • One-on-One & Group Enrollment Meetings
  • Investment Education Seminars
  • Dedicated Participant Advice Line & Website

Our dedicated team of professionals tailor message and delivery formats in a way that best targets your employees. By doing so, you provide more advice and improve the benefits of your current retirement plan. We offer group, one-on-one or seminar style meetings along with customized communication materials. Our participant advice line and web site,, provide access for employees to better manage their retirement portfolios.