Wealth Management

We help our clients plan and manage their financial lives so they can focus on the non-financial aspects of their lives that are most important to them.

Defined Contribution Plans

We help 401(k) and 403(b) plan sponsors manage their plans more effectively with our independent advice on investments, plan design, participant engagement, vendor management, and fiduciary process management.

Defined Benefit Plans

We remove complexity for pension plan sponsors by providing comprehensive, customized solutions that address the risks inherent in liability measurement and the capital markets.

Nonqualified Executive Benefits

We help deferred compensation plan sponsors recruit, retain, reward, and retire their most valuable employees by providing comprehensive service rooted in a fiduciary mindset of independence, objectivity, and transparency.

Endowments and Foundations

We remove investment complexity by providing comprehensive, customized solutions designed to help endowments and foundations accomplish their unique objectives.

  • Fiduciary Update | August 2018


    In this quarter’s Fiduciary Update, CAPTRUST’s Drew McCorkle provides an update on topics such as retirement summary plan descriptions, fiduciary liability in what is unsaid, liability for prior or subsequent fiduciaries’ actions, mistaken plan distributions, and recent fee litigation cases and settlements.

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  • Make It a Triple Espresso!


    The U.S. economy had been sleepwalking for almost a decade. Now, caffeinated by the triple espresso of individual tax cuts, corporate tax cuts, and increased government spending, the U.S. economy has been jolted awake and has broken into a jog, which could increase in pace to a sprint if trade tensions don’t weigh it down.

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  • Out of Alignment?


    This piece covers a slice of results received through a survey of over 150 nonprofit endowment and foundation organizations across the U.S. The survey results speak to a variety of topics important to nonprofits, including: return objectives, goals, risk tolerance, asset allocation, performance, spending policy, governance, and fundraising.

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Upcoming Webinar! easy, breezy, RFPeasy


Sit back, relax, and join us for our webinar on conducting a foolproof retirement plan advisor RFP. You’ll hear from CAPTRUST leadership as they cover best practices and discuss real case studies from their experience completing over 1,700 RFPs.

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