What is Your Next Step?

Today, many advisors and firm principals are contemplating how to best pursue improved client outcomes, growth, and a more purposeful and rewarding future while solving for issues that include:

  • Succession
  • Broad-based equity sharing
  • Liquidity
  • Business complexity
  • Generational talent gap
  • Partnership/employee issues
  • Changes in their personal life

Over the past decade, dozens of accomplished and entrepreneurial advisors found their answer to "what's next" by joining CAPTRUST, tapping into our proprietary growth engine that includes:

  • Accountability to and alignment with one another and our clients, not outside investors.
  • A collaborative culture of peers
  • A proven, scalable client service and business model
  • A capital reinvestment strategy focused on compounding long-term growth, not short-term payoff.  
  • A centralized team of specialists providing a suite of services to financial advisors, who in turn focus more of their time on advising clients and business development.

A proven and durable strategic buyer, CAPTRUST is employee owned with no venture capital or private equity involvement and thus accountable only to our clients, colleagues and shareholders. We are aligned strategically and financially with our advisors - this is the spirit of the deal.


 "We're looking for people who still have some gas in the tank." - J. Fielding Miller, CAPTRUST CEO

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