What We Do

We help our clients plan and manage their financial lives so they can focus on the non-financial aspects of their lives that are most important to them.

Retirement Plan Participants

Having access to a well-designed retirement plan and receiving information on the value of saving and investing for retirement is enough for some employees. However the vast majority of employees continually voice their desire for more help. We have found that education about saving and investing is simply not enough and what employees need is unbiased and independent advice, individualized retirement planning support, and resources that can answer critical questions including:

  • How much will I need to have in savings to be able to retire?
  • When will I know if I can afford to retire?
  • How much of my paycheck do I need to set aside?
  • How should I invest in my retirement account?
  • How will I replace my income during retirement?

For over 25 years, the CAPTRUST participant advice team has been working with employees to understand their unique circumstances, answer their questions, and give them the confidence they need not only participate in their retirement plan, but to achieve success by saving enough and investing appropriately. This is accomplished by providing unbiased advice during individual consultations using our proprietary Retirement Blueprint™ tablet application over the phone with scheduled appointments or in person with a Retirement Counselor. CAPTRUST uses a variety of technologies to deliver pertinent information, conduct workshops, and assist employees in understanding their path to retirement success.


Target Date Funds - Ten Years Later

In this recent webinar, CAPTRUST DC Practice Leader Scott Matheson moderates a 45-minute discussion covering the current state of, and common questions about, target date funds. He is joined by CAPTRUST senior investment and target date fund experts, Jennifer Dunbar and David Hood.

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Earlier this week, Mergermarket's Karen Padley published an article based upon an interview with CAPTRUST Chief Executive Officer Fielding Miller during which he discussed registered investment advisor consolidation, the firm's growth in recent years, and plans for continued growth.

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